Open House @ Equinox Century City


GIBSON DUNN is invited for a special Day at Equinox Century City.

This Exclusive club has a closed guest list, so this is something special for your team, since you have a Corporate Wellness program with us! 


  If you are highly considering membership please reserve your spot. You are allowed one day BETWEEN AUGUST 15TH, 16TH, OR 17TH


Please choose a class below, or RSVP with Adair to workout on your own. Everyone must bring an id.  You must meet with Adair to sign a waiver, get a quick tour, and a locker. (No lock needed, self locking locks) You are able to use the steam, sauna, and showers after your workout. Towels and all luxury products provided. 


Come learn about your Corporate Wellness Program! 

We can't wait to spoil you!

Class Choices here

Century City Yoga

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